Marital Settlement Agreements

Ending a marriage is one of the most difficult things a person will experience.  Decisions made during the divorce process can have long ranging consequences both emotionally and financially.   Several complex issues must be evaluated and resolved, including child custody, support, and equitable distribution of marital property.  It is important to remember that equitable does not mean equal and that is why it is important to consult a family law attorney before making any decisions.  Our family law attorneys have the knowledge, understanding, and litigation experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome based upon the specific facts of your case. Many times this means amicably resolving the marital issues through a Marital Settlement Agreement.  The Marital Settlement Agreement must address all potential issues that could arise as a result of the divorce process.  For example, it should include specific details on the equitable distribution of marital property, such as distribution amounts from retirement accounts or whether one spouse will keep the marital home.  Other issues that may be resolved using a Marital Settlement Agreement include alimony, attorney’s fees, costs and expenses, and how to handle marital liabilities such as car loans and credit card debt.  A Marital Settlement Agreement can help avoid the expense of divorce litigation and our family law attorneys routinely negotiate “real-world” and equitable settlements.  However, if litigation cannot be avoided, you can be assured that we are strong advocates who will work vigorously to protect your interests.