Estate Litigation


When litigation arises from the probate and estate administration process, Antheil Maslow & MacMinn attorneys represent heirs, trustees and personal representatives in the Greater Philadelphia area including Bucks County and Montgomery County.

Estate litigation involves many issues from the interpretation of the meaning of a Will, to determining whether it was validly made, to claims involving the administration of the estate. Representation may also include filing actions to recover assets that have been misappropriated while the owner was infirm or unable to resist the influence of designing persons. Although usually thought of as involving deceased persons, estate litigation also includes cases involving the estates of incapacitated persons, including the appointment of a guardian and claims involving the assets of the incapacitated person.

Our Litigation Practice Group is experienced in all facets of estate litigation including:

  • Will, trust and inheritance disputes
  • Claims by and against Executors, Administrators, Trustees and Beneficiaries
  • Appointment of Guardians
  • Claims by and against Guardians
  • Estate tax issues