Commissioners Appoint Michael Klimpl New Bucks County Solicitor

Antheil Maslow & MacMinn attorney Michael Klimpl has been appointed County Solicitor for Bucks County.  He has served as Acting Solicitor since the announced retirement of County Solicitor Glenn D.  Hains on January 3rd.  Michael has served as Assistant Solicitor for the County since 1984 and will now head Bucks' legal team of five government lawyers.

The Bucks County Solicitor’s Office serves as general counsel for the County of Bucks and  represents the Commissioners and all divisions and departments under the direction of the Commissioners.  The Solicitor’s Office defends lawsuits against the County, and initiates lawsuits brought by the County.  These include civil rights litigation and suits involving construction matters.

Solicitors prepare, review and/or supervise contractual obligations within the County. They handle state and federal compliance issues relating to the County, human resource/employee issues, real estate transactions from agreement through settlement, ADA observance and general employment law. The Solicitors advise on open space and agriculture preservation programs by evaluating properties, determining the scope and extent of easements, and reviewing appraisals.

The Office also coordinates and supervises all outside counsel and the activities of individual department solicitors.