Case Studies

Case Studies

Following are actual examples of how Antheil Maslow & MacMinn has been able to benefit our clients and those who refer these cases to us.  For specific questions, please contact our attorneys directly.

Imagine you are out alone on your bicycle early on a beautiful Spring day, riding your regular exercise route along a narrow, country road.  There are few cars and you are enjoying the day and the ride. The next thing you know, you are waking up in terrible pain in the emergency room.  That’s what happened to our client, an office manager and avid runner and bicyclist in her mid-40s.   The identity of the striking driver was never established, even after an appeal on the local television news. 

A dental hygienist was injured when the dental X-ray unit she was working with came apart from its wall mounting.  To prevent the patient from injury, she grasped and supported the X-ray head of the unit, which weighed about fifteen pounds.  She suffered a tear of wrist cartilage in her dominant hand.  Two surgeries and much therapy later, she was told that she had permanent nerve damage to her brachial plexus, causing marked restrictions on her activities and abilities, daily pain and which kept her from returning to the field of dental hygiene.  A product liability case was brought against the manufacturer relying, in part, upon the malfunction theory to establish the defect.  The case settled in mediation for a confidential but substantial amount, earning the forwarding attorney a large referral fee.

An attorney requested that the firm defend a Trustee in a case brought to set aside the trust.  It was contended that the Settlor, who had since passed away, was without legal capacity to create the trust.  The firm investigated the facts, including interviewing witnesses who knew the deceased, the attorney who created the trust, and obtaining the Settlor’s medical records.  The information obtained was presented through the discovery process and the case was withdrawn.  The position of our client, the Trustee, was vindicated.

A motor vehicle accident case between a car and a tractor trailer truck was referred to our Firm.  The case involved a trucking company and complicated issues relating to motor carrier regulations governing driver time in service, training and accident reporting.   The accident resulted in a re-injury and aggravation of a prior back condition which had been surgically treated before the accident.  The case was resolved by judicial settlement conference for a confidential amount, and earning the forwarding attorney a large referral fee.

An attorney referred a case arising from a schism in a religious fraternal society.  The case, which involved issues of constitutional law and Pennsylvania corporation law, was tried to the Court.  After seven days of trial, spread over several months and involving hundreds of documents and exhibits, the Court ruled in favor of our client.