Adopting a child is a momentous event in the life of your family. It also presents parents with many important rights and responsibilities. Skilled representation from a qualified adoption attorney is critical to ensuring that all of the legal details are covered, and there are no complications down the road. This allows the adoptive parents to focus on their growing family, and avoid the stress and worry of future legal issues.
Our adoption law practice includes private adoption, step-parent, familial and same sex adoptions. We represent adoptive parents seeking a suitable placement of a domestic-born child, as well as adoptive parents who seek to complete an international adoption.
The adoption of a child is a legal process that involves the termination of the rights and duties of birth parents and the assumption of those rights and duties by the adopting parents. Our attorneys are well versed in the procedures necessary to assure a successful and secure adoption in Pennsylvania. In the unfortunate event that an adoption becomes contested, our adoption law attorneys have vigorously represented adoptive parents before the courts.

AMM Adoption Law Services:

• Termination of Parental Rights
• Voluntary Agreement for Continuing Contact
• Preparation of Adoption Petition
• Obtain Home Study
• Representation at Termination of Parental Rights Hearings
• Representation at Adoption Hearing