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Business Litigation



Your business represents a significant investment of your time and, in many instances, your personal fortune.  Beyond your financial commitment, you have also emotionally invested in the business.  All of those interests are at risk when circumstances require that you and your business partner go your separate ways. When that process cannot be resolved by agreement, Antheil Maslow & MacMinn attorneys are there to represent you.

What will be the future of the business?  How will I get my investment back?  Was my partner honest with me?  These are all questions which we have successfully helped our clients answer.
Turn to our Litigation Practice Group for issues of:

• Business divorce
• Business valuation disputes
• Compensation/profit distribution issues
• Shareholder/Member/Partner disputes
• Partnership disputes
• Purchase/sale litigation

Representative matters:

Disputes among business owners often involve complex issues of fact and law.  Our litigation team has represented shareholders of a 100 million dollar business entity engaged in multifaceted litigation pending in several different jurisdictions pertaining to alleged unequal distribution of profits, breaches of fiduciary duty in the usurpation of corporate opportunities and claims of ownership arising out of the application of corporate funds.  The representation requires analysis of complex issues of corporate officer and director fiduciary duties, choice of law and federal income tax implications.

Litigation pertaining to a transaction for the purchase or sale of a business or business assets involves analysis of contract, due diligence, affirmative representations and other factors.   Antheil Maslow and MacMinn represented a buyer seeking recovery for a seller’s misrepresentation of performance and submission of inaccurate financial information in due diligence.  A confidential settlement was obtained. 

Business valuation is often implicated in shareholder disputes.  The value of an ownership interest implicates complex financial analysis, assessment of voting rights and other claims which may be raised as between the owners or the entity.  The litigators at Antheil Maslow and MacMinn, with the support of the business practice group, frequently represents shareholders and businesses in valuation and dissolution matters.