Susan Maslow is Panelist at Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers Event

Susan Maslow will participate as a virtual panelist at the upcoming regional GAIL (Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers) event on October 31st at Noon EST. This session will provide an introduction to the model contract clauses (MCCs) for use in international supply chains to address human rights abuses, explain the role of the Responsible Contracting Project out of Rutgers Law School in promoting and adapting the MCCs, and provide an overview of the recently launched book: Contracts for Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chains: Model Contract Clauses, Legal Analysis, and Practical Perspectives, edited by Susan A Maslow and David V Snyder.

This panel presents the American Bar Association’s Model Contract Clauses for Human Rights (MCCs), to guide companies and their counsel on achieving responsible sourcing throughout the global supply chains.

With burgeoning legislation, investor pressure, and consumer demand, responsible and sustainable supply chains are a high priority. The Model Contract Clauses (MCCs) are designed as a practical tool to help buyers and suppliers protect the human rights of workers in international supply chains. They include:

  • a focus on the remediation of human rights harms over contractual remedies
    relational dispute resolution mechanisms
  • an obligation of “responsible exit,” by buyers both generally and particularly with respect to force majeure or similar events
    buyers sharing contractual responsibility for protecting human rights with their suppliers and sub-suppliers
  • a regime of human rights due diligence, requiring the parties to take appropriate steps to identify and mitigate human rights risks and to address adverse human rights impacts, instead of a typical regime of representations and warranties, with concomitant strict contractual liability

The session is open to all that register and will be useful for practitioners from across large and small law firms, in-house counsel, academia, NGOs, civil society and any others who may be interested in adapting, operationalizing and implementing the MCCs to protect human rights in supply chains.

Details and tickets available HERE.

Susan Maslow is a founding partner and business attorney at the law firm of Antheil Maslow & MacMinn, LLP. In addition to her business law practice, Ms. Maslow serves as chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility Law Committee of the ABA Business Law Section.

Susan Maslow can be reached at or 215.230.7500 ext. 119.

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